• Becoming one of the European and global leading centres in Packaging and Packing Technology and Processes.
    • Providing technological support for companies in this industry.
    • Contributing to the development of innovation by co-leading R&D&I projects with companies, public institutions, and universities, thus improving the competitiveness of the business.
    • Attracting, designing, managing and executing innovation and technological development projects, as well as to provide assistance and technological services.
    • Facilitating the access to resources that enable or encourage the development of innovation projects, the incorporation and transfer of technology, and the creation/consolidation of first-rate technology-based packaging companies.
    • Strengthening the innovation capacity of Catalonia’s design industry as a competitiveness tool.
    • Establishing agreements with globally renowned institutions in order to exchange and promote the internationalisation of information and knowledge agents.
    • Achieving consensus among the key players on defining goals and priorities for action in order to improve the competitiveness of the industry. To help fulfil this goal, BIP counts on the support of the Spanish Central Administration as well as the collaboration of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Con el impulso del gobierno del Estado y en plena colaboración con el gobierno de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
    • Being the experimental and technological complement to the Packaging Engineering studies.
    • Supporting, promoting, and carrying out training and information activities, design, and state-of the-art technological services.
    • Establishing a professional network for this industry, providing services such as job listings and career advice available to all companies.


Our vision is for the Barcelona Institute of Packaging to become the main reference clearing house for interconnection and collaboration within the packaging industry; driving the completion of currently necessary projects mainly for small to medium sized companies.