• R&D&I Projects
      Develop corporate core business projects in areas such as: new biopolymeric materials, recyclability and studies of recycled materials application, new additives to improve properties of manufacturing materials, active and intelligent packaging, and all projects arising from new needs in both primary and secondary packaging.BIP will have pilot scale equipment in order to validate new materials and processes during their development, including the main types of packaging from flexible to rigid and semi-rigid.Our aim is to turn the BIP into an effective collaboration framework for the packaging industry, filling the gaps in the R&D&I field that this industry cannot achieve by itself. We believe that many innovation projects have not been carried out due to the lack of this framework, especially in the scope of small to medium sized companies.


    • Technology Services
        • Product Packaging Engineering. Development of new packaging projects. From design to industrialization. BIP boasts the most powerful CAD / CAM / CAE software tools for packaging development projects.
        • Validation and Testing Techniques. Validation of new designs, new materials and product-packaging-environment compatibility. The BIP has the most advanced testing equipment to analyze and evaluate the mechanical, chemical and physical-chemical key parameters of all types of packaging.
        • Packaging re-engineering. Re-design, optimization and standardization projects to improve efficiency and performance of production lines. Cost reduction programs OCB (Optimal Cost Balance).
        • Packaging and Logistics. Logistics efficiency projects. Logistic validation. Testing and evaluation of storage and transport. Coding and identification.
        • Validation services for new processes and packaging/packing equipment. It will be an important breakthrough for Catalonia and Spain, following the international acceptance criteria for new machinery and processes.
        • Ecodesign in Packaging. Preliminary project proposals for sustainable packaging design. Life cycle analysis. Environmental re-engineering.


    • Training of engineers and technicians capable of leading the new challenges in Packaging and Packaging engineering, within the framework of the current Masters Degree in Packaging Engineering and specialization courses.


    • Continuing education for professionals from other fields.


    • In-company training courses tailored to the needs of the business.


    • Continuing education for professionals in all the fields which deal with packaging.


    • Training of human resources and promoting employability. Create a job listings service available to companies in the sector.


The BIP was founded with the aim of becoming a real proposal for revitalization of research, innovation and technology transfer within the packaging industry, inside the framework of collaboration between companies, research centres and universities.